IoT Sensor Solutions to Monitor your Factory

How you can benefit from an IoT Sensor Solution

  • Monitor equipment, manufacturing processes and environmental conditions within your facility.
  • Analysis of the data assist in identifying energy usage at individual machine level,  monitor machine utilisation and performance, ensure your factory environment is optimal and in compliance with environmental regulations.
Power Mon

Power Monitoring

  • Our power monitoring solution is easily self-installed onto most manufacturing equipment using a simple clamp-on connection.
  • Solution can be pre-configured to connect to your wireless network meaning minimal configuration is required.
  • Once connected to the wireless network you can log in to your personal dashboard to view equipment power usage.
  • Solution is suitable for installation on both single and three phase equipment with an electrical rating of up to 100A.
  • Uses include CNC machines, welding and refrigeration equipment and many other possible applications.

Additional data analysis can be carried out with our team to identify key business metrics such as machine idle time, machine production time, energy usage per product, cost to produce product based on tariff, operative productivity and machine utilisation.


Temperature Monitoring

  • Solution can be easily installed in most environments,  on manufacturing equipment or to monitor production processes.
  • Temperature changes over time are visualised. 
  • We offer a non-contact infrared sensor that measures up to 250C and a thermocouple contact sensor measuring up to 800C.
  • Typical uses include monitoring of industrial processes, furnace monitoring and food and beverage processing, but there are many other possible applications.

Solutions can be installed to monitor environmental, equipment or process temperature. Data analysis can provide insights and predictions on equipment overheating or ambient temperature changes etc.

Air Quality Monitoring Kit
Air Particulate Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

  • Solution is easily installed within the vicinity of most manufacturing equipment to collect data.
  • A dashboard is provided to visualise air quality. 
  • These solutions can measure the concentration of volatile organic compounds, CO2 or the generic air quality index.
  • This solution can be combined with the temperature sensor to build an environmental solution tool that can provide informative health and safety information.

Data analysis can be carried out to determine if the air quality is within a required threshold (company specified). If the threshold is exceeded then an alert can be generated to raise awareness.


Downtime Capture

  • Can be used to record when equipment is not being utilised and the reason. The solution can be manually triggered on a tablet device by an operator or automatically using a sensor. 
  • A dashboard is provided to report on the downtime reasons.
  • This solution will eliminate the need to manually record machine downtime. Real-time data on downtime allows management to track performance against targets, plan and adjust production schedules, and monitor machine usage.

Data analysis can be carried out to determine key downtimes and identify trends in machine utilisation. When downtime occurs, an alert can be sent to management to raise awareness and enable a timely response.

job tracking

Job Tracking

  • Can help companies track the movement and whereabouts of their products as they move through production. 
  • Barcode readers are required at each production station and used to record when a product enters and leaves the station. 
  • A dashboard is provided to report on the current and historical status of each job.
  • Data analysis can be carried out to determine bottlenecks in production and identify trends in production processes. 

This solution will eliminate the need to manually record the status of each job. Real-time data on job location allows management to track performance against targets, plan and adjust production schedules, and monitor production rates.


SMDH MultiSense

  • SMDH MultiSense Monitor is a low cost Industrial IoT device which can simultaneously monitor Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Power. 
  • A dashboard is provided to visualise the outputs and inform your decisions.
  • The solution can be easily installed to collect multiple sources of data, which when combined give advanced insights. 

This solution has particular application in scenarios when it is advantageous to combine multiple data sources. For example, you can conduct environmental compliance monitoring using temperature and humidity, the combination of vibration and current permits condition monitoring, and process monitoring can be enabled via the combination of temperature and motion.

smdh sensor


  • Signed SMDH user agreement to allow us to receive your data;
  • Wifi available as your data will be streamed to SMDH to allow you to access your dashboard;
  • 240v power socket;
  • Device current measurements for our power monitoring solution (your qualified electrician can help you get these).

How do you get your free solution?

  1. Complete the form on this page to request your solution or talk to our team about your requirements.

  2. Complete the SMDH User Agreement which allows us to provide you with a solution and allows you to share your solution data with SMDH.

  3. Once your User Agreement is signed you will be asked to complete a specification questionnaire to allow us to build a solution to your specific needs.

  4. Your solution will be posted to you for self-installation and will start producing data once connected to your wireless network.

  5. Log in to your personalised dashboard to start your data journey.

Note: only UK manufacturing companies that have not already received an SMDH solution are eligible for this offer.

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