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No cost testbeds that de-risk

Virtual manufacturing testbeds are at the forefront of the manufacturing revolution, enabling companies to innovate, streamline processes, and adapt to the ever-changing market demands. SMDH has curated a catalogue of VMTs for SMEs to try out.

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Designed for SMEs

8 Hour Session

Most VMTs allow 8 hours of unrestricted access, anywhere - from your work to your local cafe. Need more? VMT sessions can be adjusted for each individual.

Rich VMT Catalogue

A growing collection of solution-focussed virtual testbeds.

Collaborative Sessions

Share the same software with your colleagues and achieve maximum collaboration.

Support Available

Access a vast library of educational material collected over years of industry interactions and interviews. Need more? Our technical team is always happy to help you!

Software Anywhere

All VMTs are accessible through your browser, you can use them anywhere.

Clean Sandboxes

VMTs are the new manufacturing sandbox, try things out and confirm if something is the right fit for you; VMTs are automatically cleaned once you are finished to keep you safe and secure.

Shane Harrigan, Systems and Platform Architect introduces us to SMDH's Virtual Manufacturing Platform and Testbeds


Popular Testbeds

  • Robot Automation

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Digital Factory

  • Physical Testbeds

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Robot Automation

There is no denying the advantages and impacts modern robotics have had in manufacturing landscapes. Robots are able to assist humans in accomplishing their work safely and efficiently, while also being able to do the jobs that are unsafe for humans to perform. Our robot automation VMT lets you control any mass produced robot virtually, to confirm that it is up to the tasks your business needs.  We have tied the virtual VMT to physical twins hosted at SMDH sites seamlessly allowing users to take their virtual observations and apply them to actual hardware for confirmation that it works in the real world too.

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Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is allowing manufacturers to unlock completely new approaches to solving problems and producing higher quality products. Work with our VMT to access software designed for 3D model design and print analysis - once you are happy with your designs we can offer access to a state-of-the-art 3D printing farm to test your prints at scale.

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Digital Factory

Go from paper to 3D simulations of complete factory systems, all digitally in your browser, complete with realistic statistics. Want to simulate your current setup to identify bottlenecks in your pipelines? No problem, this VMT offers technology that allows you to tweak as you go so that you can optimise your factory systems.

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Physical Testbeds

Many VMTs come as a digital/physical twin pack - are happy with the virtual robot simulation you’ve built to do a task but don’t trust that it will work on real world hardware? Deploy on physical hardware as seamlessly as possible with our technical team's support and verify that when the simulation meets the real world, your requirements are all satisfied.


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Learn more about the Virtual Manufacturing Platform

What is a virtual manufacturing testbed?

A virtual manufacturing testbed, VMT, is a computer in the cloud accessible through your browser.  Each VMT computer is unique to its application area (i.e. robotics) and scoped with state-of-the-art technologies used in the application area. VMTs allow users to “try before they buy” some of the most beneficial, but costly, manufacturing technologies with the need for downtime, installation, or even full expertise. SMDH VMTs are accompanied with a rich library of educational material designed to meet all levels of user: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Are there different types of VMT?

There are two types of VMT that exist on the platform - virtual and physical - which distinguish how the VMT works. Virtual VMTs are completely virtualised testbeds that are designed to allow users to explore solutions to common challenges within the VMT’s application area; physical VMTs are virtualised testbeds that can remotely affect real world equipment (control a real robot through your browser). VMTs are normally accessible at any time (so long as there are slots available) simply by requesting access, physical VMTs normally require a booking and an explanation of what you’d like to do so that we can better facilitate you!

What are ‘slots’?

VMTs are a collection of different resources and sometimes these resources come with certain limitations and rules which we have to respect. When you request access to a VMT we give you 8 hours (subject to extensions etc.) of unrestricted access to try and verify the VMT technologies. A physical VMT is based on a case by case basis, some scenarios are quick some are long and we do our best to accommodate your needs as necessary. We don’t keep any files you upload to or download from your VMT session, each computer is automatically wiped at the end of the session to maximise your privacy. Each VMT is a sandbox for your try, test and train new manufacturing technologies in.

Funding for existing testbeds

Are you interested in virtualising and bringing your testbed onto our platform? We invite you to explore the possibilities by applying for our Digital Innovation Fund. By doing so, you can access valuable support and financial resources to turn this vision into reality. Let us help you make it happen! 

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