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What is the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub?

The Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH) is a project funded through Innovate UK to support small and medium-sized manufacturers to become more competitive by harnessing the power of data.

Digital solutions and expert guidance are available to companies through the hub, allowing them to explore and evaluate their processes, make operational savings, de-risk investments and become more digital savvy.

Why do I need data in my business?

Data are often referred to as the new oil, and just like oil, when data are raw and unrefined there is little value. We take data and turn it into timely, actionable insights: information that can guide you towards a decision that will improve your manufacturing business.

How can I start to use data?

One small step can start your data journey. For example, you can use temperature sensors measure the amount of heat energy or coldness that is generated by an object or system and alert the user to overheating or insufficient cooling. Through early detection of problems, the user can avoid unplanned downtime, and limit maintenance checks and repairs to when they are actually needed.

Is this suitable for small companies?

Yes. We have a suite of low cost solutions that can start you on your data journey. In addition, companies who work with the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub, are eligible to apply for up to £50,000 grant funding available on a match fund basis, to allow for further development of digital technology in their factory. Our team will work with you to develop a digital roadmap for long-term success and access funding to support this.

When do I need to start my digital journey?

Early adopters of data-driven technology have already started gaining a competitive advantage by substantially lowering operating costs, improving time-to-market, and optimising performance. These benefits will only grow over time. 

What funding is available to support companies?

The Digital Innovation Fund (DIF) will support companies with projects of various sizes, up to a value of £315,000. Companies will be required to provide match funding.

How do I get involved with SMDH?

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Do you offer training in smart manufacturing?

Yes, we have a suite of training material on smart manufacturing and related topics that will be accessible to all companies through our Academy.