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SMDH Community

Designed for manufacturing professionals


Our platform offers you an opportunity to engage with like-minded peers

Knowledge sharing

Unsure how to solve a problem you are facing? Ask the community and one of our members can help

Career development

We regularly post links to training information to help you advance within the world of manufacturing

Personal growth

Actively engaging with other stakeholders in your industry is a great way to develop soft skills like communication

Community support

We have a dedicated Community Manager who is on hand to make sure that your questions reach the right people

Exclusive discounts

Access fantastic offers related to you and your business through our extensive partner network


Popular topics

  • Analytics

  • AI

  • Sensors

  • Data-driven

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Within our community we have experts in analytics. Talk with them and find solutions collaboratively. 

Ask questions like:

  • How do you cut your energy bills at work?
  • Has data analytics helped you uncover hidden bottlenecks in your manufacturing processes?
  • How do you create manufacturing energy benchmarks?
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Artificial Intelligence

Want to learn more about AI and how it may impact your business?

Speak to people in your industry to understand how they are utilising AI in their work.

Our community manager, Paul, has shared free resources on AI, ML and Data Science for beginners here

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Sensor implementation

Another popular talking point within the community relates to sensors. Have you encountered any problems when introducing sensors to your business?

An industry expert has shared some challenges you should consider if you are thinking of implementing the technology.

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Data-driven Manufacturing

How do you monitor ‘Mission Critical’ manufacturing processes? This was a question posed by one of our community members.

You can read more about the discussion here to see if there is any learning you can apply. 


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Learn more about SMDH Community

What is The Smart Manufacturing Data Hub?

The Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH) is a project funded through Innovate UK to support small and medium-sized manufacturers to become more competitive by harnessing the power of data.
Digital solutions and expert guidance are available to companies allowing them to explore and evaluate their processes, make operational savings, de-risk investments and become more digital savvy.

What is the Smart Manufacturing Community?

Our community is a place where you can connect with industry leaders, share insights, and accelerate your professional growth. It's easy to sign up and we have a community manager on hand to help with any questions you may have. 

Who can sign up to the Smart Manufacturing Community?

The Smart Manufacturing Community is open to a wide variety of manufacturers, industry professionals, academics, and anyone with a keen interest in digitialisation and smart manufacturing.

We are an inclusive and approachable community that aims to help UK manufactures get better at what they do. 


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