SMDH Virtual Manufacturing Platform will Revolutionise Manufacturing for UK Small Businesses

UK SMEs will benefit from streamlined operations, cost-efficiency test bedding, and support.

UK SMEs will benefit from streamlined operations, cost-efficiency test bedding and support.

SMDH has successfully launched a cutting-edge Virtual Manufacturing Platform, offering a game-changing solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the UK. With its capabilities and features, this platform promises to change the manufacturing landscape, enabling SMEs to overcome traditional barriers and boost their operational efficiency.

The Virtual Manufacturing Platform
SMDH's Virtual Manufacturing Platform (VMP) is set to transform the way SMEs address production challenges by introducing a new level of visibility and scalability. The VMP integrates state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing concepts to create an interactive virtual testbed environment. SMEs can access a large range of virtual manufacturing testbeds across a multitude of manufacturing areas including additive manufacturing, robot control, digital twinning and more. The platform is completely virtualised eliminating the need for physical infrastructure; SMEs can try to verify the latest manufacturing technologies without the accompanying costs.

Cloud based and accessible technology
The VMP is a cloud-based offering allowing SMEs to access virtual manufacturing testbeds from the comfort of their browsers. SMEs are empowered to verify that manufacturing technologies suit their needs before investing in the technology, allowing SMEs to reduce the costs of research and development in their industry 4.0 journey. Paired with the SMDH academy, SMEs are enabled to unlock manufacturing skills and technologies at no risk.

A snapshot of the VMT catalogue accessible through the VMP
An active VMT session

The Virtual Machine Platform (VMP) offers seamless access to cutting-edge testbeds with just a simple click. The Virtual Machine Testbeds (VMTs) accessed by SMEs are not only private but also meticulously isolated from other resources, ensuring the utmost security and privacy for users. Moreover, all VMTs within the platform are fully configurable, empowering users to tailor the testbed environment to their precise requirements. Additionally, each VMT comes equipped with a library of insightful pre-built scenarios and learning materials, providing users with a valuable starting point that can be effortlessly customised to suit their specific needs.

Supportive ecosystem of SMDH

Another highlight of SMDH's VMP is its emphasis on collaboration and support. SMEs can contact a VMP expert at any time to access help and assistance.

Sonya Coleman, Principal Investigation of SMDH, commented on the launch, saying,

“We are thrilled to introduce our Virtual Manufacturing Platform, specifically designed to empower SMEs and unlock their potential. With this innovative solution, we aim to level the playing field for smaller businesses by providing them with access to state-of-the-art manufacturing tools traditionally available only to large corporations. We believe this platform will play a vital role in accelerating the growth of UK SMEs and driving the country's manufacturing sector forward.”

The feedback from early adopters of SMDH's Virtual Manufacturing Platform has been overwhelmingly positive. Several UK-based SMEs have reported significant improvements in production efficiency, cost savings, and streamlined operations, allowing them to compete more effectively in the global market.

Scenario VMT
One of many preconfigured robot control scenarios users can adjust for their needs from within VMTs


Accessing Testbeds

Currently, SMDH is offering SMEs interested, in experiencing the benefits of their Virtual Manufacturing Platform. By widening access to advanced manufacturing features, SMDH aims to foster innovation, growth, and sustainability for UK SMEs, encouraging their overall success in an increasingly digital economy.

As the manufacturing landscape continues to evolve, SMDH's Virtual Manufacturing Platform promises to be a game-changer for SMEs, setting new standards of efficiency, collaboration, and profitability. With this innovative solution, UK small businesses can harness the power of technology to thrive and navigate the challenges of the modern manufacturing world right from their browsers.


*All virtual testbeds will be free until at least 31 March 2025 (subject to usage limits)

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