SMDH launches The Smart Manufacturing Community

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We are delighted to announce that we are now accepting applications to join our new digital community, The Smart Manufacturing Community! 

Apply here!

What is The Smart Manufacturing Community? 

The Smart Manufacturing Community was created to help manufacturers become more competitive by connecting them to the people, resources and opportunities they need to accelerate their digital and data journeys. 

Why should I join The Smart Manufacturing Community?

The community is designed to address a number of key challenges faced by many of those working in the manufacturing industry:

  • Lack of expertise and knowledge about digital & data
  • Lack of access to peer support networks
  • Lack of awareness of learning opportunities
  • Lack of awareness of funding opportunities
  • Lack of awareness of new trends, tools and technologies
  • Limited budget, time & capacity 

What are the key benefits of joining The Smart Manufacturing Community?

  • Connections: gain access to a wide array of experts, advisors, peers and mentors from across the manufacturing industry. Build your network and make valuable relationships.
  • Support: receive guidance, advice and camaraderie in a welcoming and accessible environment. 
  • Growth: take advantage of frequent opportunities for personal and professional development – through events, mentoring, knowledge exchange and more.
  • Skills: gain and improve key skills for digital transformation and data-driven initiatives.
  • Knowledge: keep up to date with key trends and innovations affecting the industry. 
  • Opportunities: hear about the latest opportunities, from training to funding.  
  • Give back: make a positive impact by helping others. Offer your time, knowledge and expertise to those who would benefit.

How does it work?

The Smart Manufacturing Community is made up of a number of interactive features – together in one convenient, easy to use, online platform: 

  • Forum: a space to ask questions and share best practice. Save time and resources by utilising the collective knowledge and experience of hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers and business support organisations.  
  • Events: access a regular calendar of exclusive events (both online and in person), from small group sessions for discussions with your peers, through to workshops and webinars with industry experts. 
  • Groups: join sub-sections of the main community to connect with like-minded members and access conversations, events and content tailored to your region, interests and experience levels. 
  • Content: keep up to date with the latest trends through themed discussions, events and resources, offering learning opportunities and a clear journey of growth and development. 

Who’s going to be there?

The Smart Manufacturing Community is already home to members from across the UK manufacturing industry, as well as a wide array of tech suppliers, business support organisations, academics, data scientists, and digital transformation experts. If you think you would benefit from being a member of our community, or you have something to offer, you are very welcome to join us! 

How do I join?

The Smart Manufacturing Community is free to join, and it’s easy to get started. 

Apply here!

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