Success for SMDH’s first Smart Manufacturing Summit.

The Smart Manufacturing Summit in Northern Ireland showcased the latest advancements in Smart Manufacturing, promoting collaboration and innovation.

The Smart Manufacturing Summit held in the Northern Ireland region of the UK this year is undoubtedly a significant milestone for Smart Manufacturing in the UK and the SMDH project.

Drawing the attendance of 100 delegates from across the UK, the 2 day summit aimed to explore the latest advancements in Smart Manufacturing, showcasing insights from esteemed industry and academic leaders.

Kicked off by Professor Linda Newnes, the director of People Led Digitalisation from the University of Bath, she stressed the importance of people-led digital transformation, introducing us to #thinkPLD song! (Listen on #thinkPLD on LinkedIn).

Delegates had the privilege of hearing from 15 leading experts in Smart Manufacturing over the course of the 2 day event. Seagate rounded off the summit by providing insights to how they digitised their factory processes over the last twenty years.

With its focus on Smart Manufacturing and a theme of “Embracing Smart Manufacturing to Accelerate Industry!”, the summit highlighted cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices that could inspire attendees to adopt these technologies to improve their processes, productivity, and efficiency.

The summit provided an excellent platform for networking and collaboration among the delegates. This enhanced collaboration will undoubtedly lead to new partnerships and knowledge-sharing, fostering a more robust manufacturing ecosystem in the UK region.

Overall, the success of the first-ever Smart Manufacturing Summit in Northern Ireland is likely to act as a catalyst for positive change and progress in the UK’s manufacturing landscape. It demonstrates the potential for growth and innovation in the industry, positioning the UK as a player in the global smart manufacturing arena.


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