SMDH Empowers Manufacturers by Developing three Energy Dashboards, helping SMEs identify opportunities to save energy costs and measure progress towards Net Zero

In this blog post, we will explore the three Energy Analytics dashboards SMDH can provide to manufacturers.

In the pursuit of a sustainable future SMDH offers a prime opportunity for your business to accelerate towards its energy saving goals. One free tool to support you on this journey is the suite of SMDH Energy Dashboards (developed by our consortium partner Energy Systems Catapult).

In this blog post, we will explore the three Energy Analytics dashboards SMDH can provide to manufacturers.

  1. The Energy Insights Dashboard Analyse and Visualise energy consumption

The Energy Insights Dashboard offers a visual overview of factory energy usage, and is a valuable tool for understanding energy consumption patterns. The dashboard lets you uncover potential inefficiencies in energy management practices, empowering you to make informed decisions that could lead to cost savings and improve your business’ sustainability. Amongst many other useful features, your sites energy data is split into four different categories that can help with quantifying consistent background energy consumption and variable energy use outside of working hours.

Various views of your energy consumption are available, which allow you to analyse both short- and long-term trends, seasonal patterns, and differences between different parts of your factory, if you have already installed sub-metering. All insights are supplemented by actionable advice on potential interventions SMEs can take to better manage their energy consumption.

  1. The Energy Impact Tracker Dashboard

Evaluate the impact of your energy-saving initiatives through the Carbon Reduction Tracker dashboard. Gain insights into the effects of modifications made in your factory on energy usage, costs, and CO2 emissions. Analyse the changes in energy consumption during specific periods throughout the day and visually compare the consumption patterns for the identified time frames. Obtain a comprehensive overview of the raw total and normalised usage comparison, incorporating alterations and percentage variations for each metric. This dashboard provides a detailed and visual assessment of the effectiveness of your efforts in reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy efficiency.

  1. The Energy Benchmarking Dashboard

Delve into the realm of Energy Benchmarking to examine how your factory's energy consumption compares with others. Leverage the power of collective data by tapping into informative benchmarks that offer a thorough comprehension of your standing within the UK SME community. Be assured that the confidentiality of SME names is maintained to uphold privacy, while still granting you visibility into your position relative to other participants in the SMDH project. Access detailed monthly and annual breakdowns of benchmarks, allowing you to systematically monitor and evaluate your performance against industry peers over time.


The SMDH Energy Insights Dashboards are providing best practice data visualisations to manufacturing SMEs, offering actionable insights that organisations can use to accelerate their sustainability journey.

It's time to embrace the power of SMDH Dashboards and drive positive change for a sustainable future.

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