How job tracking can increase production levels

Led by Dr Pedro Rivera Torres, a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge 

You will learn:

How simple, low-cost tech can digitalise manufacturing processes 

The benefits of digital record keeping over manual

How to easily track and identify orders/jobs within the production line

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In association with the University of Cambridge

Uni of Cambridge

Helping you make smarter production decisions

Job tracking

Easily track where a job is in the production process


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Completion times between stages can be measured


Job tracking (3)

Greater accountability in a production line


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How to implement job tracking

1. Fill out the questionnaire so the team can asses your specific needs

2. Order the required hardware:

  • A computer ( can be a single-board computer like a Raspberry Pi)
  • Barcode scanner
  • An internet connection (wifi or wired ethernet)
    *Our starter solution will provide you with two barcode scanners, a storage device and access to open-source software 

3. Consent to data being shared with the SMDH team so that they can advise you on efficiency improvements 


Benefits of implementing sensor technology 

 The system has been designed with SMEs in mind

Get a tighter grip on your production process

Tailored advice on how you can improve operational efficiency 

"Job tracking is helping change the mindset of all the staff to become more efficient and save time.”

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